Manolis Sfakianakis

The keynote speaker

Manolis Sfakianakis has dedicated his career to the safety of citizens and especially the vulnerable groups of them, like children. He has proposed ways to prevent cyber crime and knows that cyber-world is as dangerous as the real-world if we are unaware of how to safely navigate it.

    Vera Athanasiou

    Vera Athanasiou is a psychologist-psychotherapist. She graduated from the department of Psychology of the Panteion University in Athens and completed the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies at the University of Kent, in the UK with distinction.

      Maria – Isavela Voulgaraki

      She worked voluntarily at the Cyber Crime Division of the Hellenic Police as an instructor, attending workshops, seminars and conferences.

        Maria-Anna Tassi

        She has graduated from the department of Sociology with a specialization in Criminology of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and she is one of the founding members of ‘‘Anti-corruption Youth’’ Social Network.