Accessing the internet is now easier than ever and the increase in the exposure to the cyber world has augmented the relative risks as well.
Even if the Internet-children relationship seems harmless, the cyber-world hides real-world threats.
Parents are the main target group concerned with the safety issues and protection of their own children towards these threats.
Daily incidents related to cyber crime where children are the victims take place all over the world; Greece is not an exception.

Let’s work together to make the internet a safer place for us and our children and protect them today!

Manolis Sfakianakis, being the founder of the Cyber Crime Police Unit, knows how the internet works and how important interacting with the cyber-world using the suitable safety measures is. Thanks to his experience and his successful track record in solving over 28,000 cases lead him to become the main speaker in workshops and seminars organized by INTERPOL, EUROPOL and international educational organizations. Nowadays he is the founder of the CSI Institute and has received several honors from public and private entities. He has written numerous scientific papers related to the cyber sector and has been awarded by the President of the Hellenic Republic, the Athens Academy, UNICEF and the FBI for his contribution.





Manolis Sfakianakis

The keynote speaker

Manolis Sfakianakis has dedicated his career to the safety of citizens and especially the vulnerable groups of them, like children. He has proposed ways to prevent cyber crime and knows that cyber-world is as dangerous as the real-world if we are unaware of how to safely navigate it.

    Vera Athanasiou

    Vera Athanasiou is a psychologist-psychotherapist. She graduated from the department of Psychology of the Panteion University in Athens and completed the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies at the University of Kent, in the UK with distinction.

      Maria - Isavela Voulgaraki

      She worked voluntarily at the Cyber Crime Division of the Hellenic Police as an instructor, attending workshops, seminars and conferences.

        Maria-Anna Tassi

        She has graduated from the department of Sociology with a specialization in Criminology of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and she is one of the founding members of ‘‘Anti-corruption Youth’’ Social Network.


          Amphitheater of Ralleios School
          Date: 12/02/2018
          Address: Pireos & Eponiton 21
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Hall of City Council
          Date: 21/02/2018
          Address: Vassilisis Sofias 9 & Moscha
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Cultural Center of Athens
          Date: 26/02/2018
          Address: Akadimias 50 (Entrance from Solonos Street)
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Date: 7/03/2018
          Address: Norman 16
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Cultural Center of Tripolis
          Date: 12/03/2018
          Address:Papanastasiou 25
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Metaxourgeio Building
          Date: 19/03/2018
          Address:Karampatzaki & Apausews
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Chamber of Irakleion Prefecture, Kastelakis Hall
          Date: 28/03/2018
          Address:Koronaiou 9
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Amphitheatre of the Technical Chamber of Macedonia
          Date: 30/04/2018
          Address: M.Alexandrou 49
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Cultural Center of Ioannina, "D.Hatzis" Hall
          Date: 7/05/2018
          Address: Agias Marinas 55
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

          Chamber of Lesvos, "Ioannis Paulakelis" Hall
          Date: 23/05/2018
          Address: Paulou Kountourioti 71
          Time: 18:30 (Free Entrance)

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          Tomorrow’s adults are today’s children. Their protection through the proper education and guidance from the parents is mandatory. Every reinforcement of the “Protect your child from cyber crime” initiative is crucial!


          To summarize the goal of these workshops in one sentence we’d say “Protect your child from cyber crime”.

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